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Unearthed Series

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Sun Sep 30th @ 1:30 AM (PT)


Unearthed Series

For two thousand years, the Bible has divided men and nations. Is it the true inspired word of God as some believe? Or is it a collection of stories and fairy tales born from Jewish tradition? This debate has driven scientists and archaeologists from both sides to prove one or the other. But what happens when an amazing discovery is made? What does it prove, and who gets to decide? "Unearthed – the Series" looks at some of these fascinating discoveries and the impact they have on the scientific, religious, and – in some cases – political world. Unearthed will explore some of the popular beliefs and provide background on how these theories have been reached, and at the same time present some of the conflicting and possibly contradicting theologies that often veil the truth, further enveloping the mystery. With passionate interviews, realistic re-enactments, and intelligent investigations, Unearthed will present the facts, and allow the viewers to decide for themselves what is the truth.