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Thanks to TBN prayer line for your faithful support! My skin spots look better and I am experiencing more peace. My sister-in-law, nephew, daughter and grand kids are all doing better too. Praise God! Chris // February 13 2018
Praising God for a 1st Place trophy awarded last weekend to the dance group that I perform with. God blessed us with the victory! Sharon // February 13 2018
The night before a doctors appointment I submitted a prayer request for health issues. The doctor was very surprised to see how much my blood pressure had dropped. I am grateful to God and TBN for this service. I know prayer works! Suzette // February 10 2018
Praise God! I thank TBN for praying with me. I passed all my exams with 100 %! Renee // February 10 2018
I could've been homeless, but God blessed me with a place to live and yesterday, I got a call for a job. The background check took weeks, but I got the job! Thank you Lord! Mark // February 9 2018
We were trying to get pregnant and God has answered our prayers! Three days before our 10 year anniversary we found out I was 3 months pregnant with our first child. Praise God! Thank you Lord! Alicia // February 8 2018
AMERICA'S HIDDEN HISTORY is a great show. More people need to know about this. I hope and pray every American will see each of these programs. We are in a time when this truth could greatly help. Michael // February 6 2018
Thank you TBN, for always taking time to pray with me. Your prayer partners are awesome! I feel the sincerity in their prayers. I have been calling every night for the past two weeks and I cry whenever I am on the phone with them. Powerful! Val // February 6 2018
I sent in a prayer request for my father-in-law in India who was in a bus accident. The doctors were not sure if he would live. His surgery went well and he is home now recovering.. Thanks for praying!. martha // February 6 2018
Thank you to all the TBN prayer partners for praying for my son who was very ill. He had a speedy recovery and I am glad that I had people in his corner praying for him. Araina // February 5 2018
Thank you for being there for me. I was poisoned by Botox, was having full muscle spasms, and was just plain sick. Today I woke up feeling awesome. Thank you TBN for being there. Leslie // February 5 2018
I thank God for TBN prayer ministry. I had lost all hope of having Christian support, but TBN is always there for me. I pray that TBN keeps going strong. I love you guys and God bless you! Naomi // February 4 2018
A prayer partner agreed with me in prayer. I never finished high school. Some way, some how, my school let me back in to finish my classes. I finished in 3 weeks and have graduated with all A's and B's. The Lord works miracles and I was blessed! Santana // February 3 2018
I am grateful for the prayer partner I spoke with this morning. I was having a rough day and felt so down but her voice and her confidence in The LORD helped me to stay calm and focused on Him. I am eternally gratefully for the prayer ministry at TBN. El Amir // January 19 2018
Thank you TBN for sharing Pastor Steven Furtick and the good news he has about Jesus! My son is in prison in Arkansas and watches Pastor Steven on podcast. His life has been turned around with Pastor Steven and Pathway to Freedom in the prison! Darlene // January 18 2018
My van was T-boned and I was not compensated for the damage. I have a Dodge Caravan that God gave me December 2016. I explained to a good friend the cost just to get the car moving. She gave me exactly what I needed. Praising God for this miracle! Diane // January 17 2018
Thank you God, for revealing to me, that my problem has already been solved. A.C. // January 16 2018
You have the best prayer line. There's no waiting like other Christian prayer lines and I believe your prayers saved my life a few times. I will never forget your prayer warriors! I pray TBN will prosper and continue to reach the Lost. Crystal // January 15 2018
I called TBN this week to pray that electricity would be restored for my mom who lives in Puerto Rico. Power had been out since Puerto Rico was hit by hurricane Maria 3 months ago. Today, electricity was restored!. Thank you TBN and Jesus! Gloria // January 14 2018
My son finished strong after his first week of school back from Christmas break. He had some bumps in the road with his behavior but overall received great progress reports. Thank you for your prayers. Rain // January 13 2018
I called in today to ask for prayer for my son who has pneumonia and within a short time after praying with your team, my son awoke with no fever and is beginning his recovery. Thank you! Lewis // January 13 2018
I been watching TBN for many decades! Matt & Laurie, you are doing a Marvelous Job! Don't try to please everyone because people love to criticize and find fault. They can never fill your shoes or stand before the Lord in your place. H.A. // January 12 2018
I asked for prayers after a car accident, that God would bring justice. Although favor went towards the other driver's insurance carrier, God showed me Grace and Mercy by giving me funds from an unexpected source for the exact amount I needed. Tameka // January 11 2018
Yesterday, I sent a prayer request asking God to guard my friend Amado's life and heal him from a brain stroke. Although he is still in the hospital, he is awake and taking care of some urgent issues. Only God could have done this miracle. Margarita // January 11 2018
Praise God for fixing my mother's heater and from losing heat and protecting her in the snowstorm . Thank you for your prayers, TBN! Sharon // January 10 2018
I requested prayer several days ago for my niece because she had run away from home. She returned home yesterday. Thank you for your prayers. Debra // January 10 2018
I have no phone, no T.V. and no computer, but my friend and I enjoy your monthly newsletter and the stories of those who have overcome! Thank you! Paul // December 29 2017
I called the TBN Prayer Line recently requesting prayer for my 33 year old granddaughter with leukemia. She is now cancer free, Praise the Lord! Thank you, TBN! Nancy // December 27 2017
Wishing all the wonderful prayer partners at TBN the best Christmas of your life! So grateful for your ministry. Special thanks to Wally and the others who have prayed wonderful prayers for me. I pray a prosperous 2018 for your ministry. Kelly and Rickie // December 23 2017
Thank you, TBN for bringing the Good News to the world. I don't always make it to church but I do try to watch TBN everyday. Thank you for feeding my soul. Carol // December 18 2017