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Reveal the Hidden Force Behind Your Words.


Words.  They carry enormous power—the power to heal or wound, encourage or discourage, reveal truth or deceive, praise or criticize. In fact, the Bible says that death and life are in the power of the tongue. Since that’s true, we all definitely need to learn how to control our tongues!

In this 4-disc CD series, The Power of Your Words, Pastor Robert Morris shows you:
    1.  Why it’s vital to get your words in agreement with God.
    2.  Three simple acts to keep yourself from saying things you'll regret.
    3.  How to harness the power of words to draw you closer to God.
And much, much more!


Through each of his seven messages, Pastor Robert Morris reveals the supernatural power behind your words that—for better or worse—determine the quality of your life and the future you will live.
Let these seven transformative messages open your eyes to the power of your words and turn them into a force for life and blessing!
This powerful resource is yours as our "Thank You" when you give any amount to support TBN.
And, In thanks for your gift of $125 or more, we’ll also include Pastor Robert’s companion DVD set… along with a copy of his best-selling book as well!  With The Power of Your Words bundle, you will be equipped to unleash the dynamic ability of God over every area of your life. 
Receive The Power of Your Words 4-CD set, The Power of Your Words 3-DVD set, The Power of Your Words book, and as an added bonus, The Secret Power of Speaking God’s Word book by Joyce Meyer.
Receive all these resources as our "Thank You" when you give a gift of $125 or more to support TBN’s global outreach.
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Receive Robert Morris' 4-Disc CD Series, The Power of Your Words when you give any amount to TBN.


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