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Monthly Gift Offer


In his remarkable exploration of the wisdom of Proverbs, best-selling Christian author Steven K. Scott reveals King Solomon’s keys for succeeding at whatever it is you are called to do.  In The Richest Man who Ever Lived you’ll discover how to resolve conflicts and turn enemies into allies.  You'll learn the five qualities essential to thriving at work, at home, and in every area of life!


Both inspiring and instructive, The Richest Man Who Ever Lived weaves the timeless truths of Proverbs into a detailed roadmap for abundant living today. This powerful book is yours as our "Thank You" when you support TBN for a gift of any amount. 


For your gift of $60 or more, receive Robert Morris’ amazing eight-message series The Blessed Life on audio CD.  This message has helped millions discover how to thrive by correctly relating to wealth and material possessions.  Receive the book  The Richest Man Who Ever Lived and The Blessed Life Audio Series with your gift of $60 or more.  


And, for this month only, TBN is offering a specially commissioned, real wood 24" x 24" wall art, by House of Belonging along with The Richest Man Who Ever Lived book and The Blessed Life CD audio series.  Receive all 3 inspiring gifts in gratitude, for your gift of $250 or more.  



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Receive Steven K. Scott's amazing book, The Richest Man Who Ever Lived, in appreciation for your giſt of any amount to TBN.


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