How can I become a Prayer Partner at TBN?
You can go to the TBN website, and using the top navigation, go to the ABOUT tab, Employment Opportunities, and see if there is a position for a Prayer Partner. All prayer partner positions are part time and are located in Tustin, CA. If there is a position available, you will see a "Click Here" link where you can fill out an application and submit.
How can I view programs that have previously aired on TBN?
You will never have to worry if you have missed a recently aired program on TBN. Most of the programs that air on TBN will eventually be available on this site on our VIDEO ON DEMAND page except for a few programs that we don't have licensing rights for video on demand. Simply navigate to the main menu, select WATCH, then select VIDEO ON DEMAND from the drop down menu. It's best if you use the side navigation menu so that you can search for videos by keyword, air date, program category, faith topics, networks, programs, people, or prayers. You can also LIVE STREAM our programs by selecting WATCH from the Main menu, then selecting "Watch Live." There are 11 networks that are available to stream LIVE on this website and are listed on this page.
How does TBN reach the incarcerated in prison?
In 2007, TBN launched "Second Chance," an initiative that provides 24-hour inspirational programming to over 750 prisons in more than thirty states,reaching nearly one million inmates. TBN pays for all costs for equipment and installation, providing inmates with programs from 4 of our most popular faith networks: TBN, JUCE TV (for young adults), the Hillsong Channell, featuring pulpit preaching pastors, and Enlace, our Spanish-language faith network. You can find our more about this life-changing project by logging on to www.tbnsecondchance.org.
How many people have come to Faith in Jesus Christ through TBN?
It is difficult to determine precisely the number of individuals who have been impacted by TBN since its launch over 45 years ago. Our records show that at least 37 million individuals have come to faith in Christ through the broadcast ministry of TBN. Doubtless many millions more have made decisions to follow Christ as they have watched TBN programming in their homes, in hotel rooms, in prison, and in other locales. Additionally, untold millions more have been changed by calling one of the many prayer partners who staff the prayer lines 24/7 for our 28 TBN networks and affiliates worldwide. In the U.S. alone, our TBN prayer partners receive over 95,000+ calls each month for prayer and salvation, log hundreds of individuals coming to Christ or re-dedicating their lives to Him, and take hundreds more calls from people testifying of answered prayer.
How many people are reached by TBN?
TBN is the world's largest faith-based, Christian, television network, with all 28 international networks reaching every major continent. Today, as the third largest broadcast group in the nation, TBN reaches every major continent via 78 satellites and carried by more than 18,000 television and cable affiliates worldwide. In the United States, TBN is available to 98 percent of the total households, and globally, TBN’s estimated reach approaches more than 2 billion viewers.
What are the different ways to access and watch TBN programs?
There are a number of ways you can watch TBN and our Family of Networks programs 24/7. In most U.S. cities, TBN is available through your local cable or satellite provider. If your provider does not include TBN in its channel lineup, request that it be added. You can also access TBN on your mobile device via this website and watch TBN via LIVE STREAMING or by accessing our Video on Demand page under the WATCH tab in the main menu on this site. You can download our free TBN app and watch TBN's most popular networks on your smart phone, iPad, or tablet. TBN is also available on Roku and Apple TV, with more ways to watch coming soon. Our top six U.S. faith-and-family channels — TBN, the Hillsong Channel, our Smile kids network, TBN's JUCE TV youth channel, the Enlace Spanish-language network, and our TBN Salsa English-language Latino network — are available over-the-air 24 hours a day in nearly forty U.S. cities. To check TBN's availability over-the-air where you live, go to the Main menu on this website and click the WATCH tab and then select "Channel Finder." Enter your zip code into the search box and if TBN is available, the system will display the name of the cable carrier and the channel in your area. TBN is committed to providing you with the highest quality programming and the most modern technology to ensure a pleasurable viewing experience!
Can I suggest a guest for Praise?
TBN prayerfully considers guests for each Praise program and reaches out to them directly. However, we appreciate your interest in our programming and welcome your ideas about guests and topics you’d like to see on Praise. You may send your suggestions to Comments@TBN.tv.